How often do you hear somebody who is playing golf with praise the hybrid club they are playing? How often have you seen a person hit a gorgeous golf shot and learn the shot was made with a hybrid golf club? There is talk everywhere on the course about the latest hybrid and how easy these golf clubs are to hit a golf ball. You know you want one, but just need a couple of questions answered before making the final decision to buy one. Well then this article is custom made for you.

Golf is a really old game, which has been played since the 12th century. Think about that statement. Since the 12th century, golf has been around and played with all sorts of equipment. This 12th century sport has seen its share of golf balls, drivers, putters and even clothing. Golf has undergone significant modifications over the years and what is played today is allot different from the beginning of the sport. The courses are different, the players are different and the most change has been in the equipment and the golf clubs of today.

Every player that is playing golf needs to have their own equipment, in their own bag with their own golf balls. Most sports require some sort of equipment to play the games, but golf perhaps requires the most individual equipment. Golf requires different types of clubs that include putters, drivers and irons. Each golf club is made up of a shaft with a grip and a club head. Each and every club the player carries are used for different shots; for example the drivers are primarily used off the tee box and are used for long distance shots, after you get off the tee box the player would then use an iron, the irons which are the most versatile clubs are used for various kinds of shots on and off the fairway, and the last club used on each hole, providing you did not get a hole in one or hole out on the previous shot is the putter, the putters are used to roll the ball on the green into the cup and finalize each hole.

As mentioned earlier, golf has undergone many changes and modifications over the years in terms of game rules and especially equipment. Most recently the equipment changes we have are a new class of golf clubs, known as the ‘Hybrid Golf Club’. The hybrid golf club has been introduced to help enhance your game. Every player using a hybrid has seen an improvement in his or her game and has been able to lower his or her overall score per round played. There are plenty of reviews from the major golf magazines and most of the big golf magazines are recommending their use. Almost every professional golfer has a hybrid in their bag and is using them during tournament play. Almost all big names in the golf club industry are manufacturing them.

So what has this led us to believe?

A hybrid golf club is a club every golfer should have in briansclub their golf bag. YES, they do work; yes they will make those difficult shots easier and have evolved to be one of the best clubs ever. To understand what a hybrid is the term ‘hybrid’ originated from genetics, which means a combination of two different species in order to get the desirable characteristics of both. A Hybrid Golf Club is simply a combination of the advantages you will get from both the ‘iron’ and ‘wood’. In other words a hybrid golf club is a cross between a long iron and a fairway wood, and is comprised of some positive features from both clubs.

Hybrid golf clubs are primarily used when you need to hit the golf ball in the air for long distance and pinpoint accurate shots. There was a time not too long ago when these clubs didn’t show good results and thus, weren’t well accepted by players anywhere. But in recent times with a few modifications these clubs now easily outperform ordinary irons or woods.

Wondering how Hybrid Golf Clubs work?
A Hybrid Golf Club has been designed with better distance control and more accuracy. Club makers have shifted the ‘center of gravity’ to the bottom of the club that allows the clubs attain a better level of perfection. This particular arrangement helps in launching the ball in the air easier and with better control of direction. Keep in mind though; you still need to have a decent golf swing, because a poor swing will still result in a bad shot. These clubs have also been designed to give it a higher launch angle and a flat face which gives the golf ball a higher spin and helps it stop faster with more precision.

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