Recently I’ve been getting this question a lot:

“How do I spot a woman who is following “The Rules” (that book that came out a while ago)?”

If you aren’t familiar with the book, The Rules is what I not-so-affectionately refer to as “outer game for girls.” It’s a bunch of rules that you can follow to hook a guy into marrying you if you don’t want to bother actually developing yourself into a quality woman.

Unfortunately, because the book literally promises “happily ever after” if you follow the Rules, lots of women fall for it.

If a woman is following the rules, she will call girls in lahore never call you…or call you back. This confuses a lot of guys because then the question is…

Is she just not interested, or is she interested, but following the Rules?

Actually, the real question is…who cares?

Trust me, you don’t want a Rules girl.

A Rules girl will not make a good girlfriend because she will be too busy following the Rules to pay attention to what’s actually going on in her relationship with you.

And a Rules girl won’t sleep with you until you are already whipped by her, so she’s not exactly hook-up material either.

The Rules is really a step-by-step guide on how to play hard to get so a guy will feel so intrigued by not being able to have her, that he will fall for her because she is unattainable. In the same way that a lot of pick-up routines are designed to play upon the insecurities of girls with low self-esteem, The Rules play upon desperate guys who will chase down a woman because he has nothing better to do and no other options.

A Rules girl is taught to be extremely hard to get so that you become obsessed with having her, and then extremely passive and easy-going (i.e. a pushover) once you’ve married her.

Do you really want that to be the kind of woman you end up with?

The bottom line is, you don’t have time to waste wondering about women that don’t call you back. You want to be a man who has options and is selective. If a woman doesn’t call you back, then it’s her loss, whether she’s following the Rules or not.

You only have a limited about of time and energy in your life, so focus it on the women that are responding to you with interest. (And if there aren’t any women like that, then focus your energy on figuring out how to change that).

Let the Rules girls flake on you and not return your calls. It will give you more time to meet and go out with the women who want to form a genuine connection with you, without games or Rules.


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