Have you ever heard of World of Warcraft? Have you ever played it? If so then you should know the importance of getting gold. I am a big fan of World of Warcraft and know how hard it is to make gold on a server full of other World of Warcraft games. This means that all gold farming spots are taken, which leaves with the question, where do we farm? How do we Buy wow gold  make tons of gold?

The answer is easy. It’s where Warcraft Wealth come into the scene. At first I was very sceptical about Warcraft Wealth and how the owner of Warcraft Wealth, Wayne Williams, made over 41,000g in his account – until I bought it and started acquiring tons of gold!

What did I get in the whole package?

o The Warcraft Wealth Guide – WOW Basics
o Warcraft Wealth Auction House
o Warcraft Wealth Mining Maps
o World of Warcraft Basics: From Noob and Beyond

What secrets do you expect to find in the guide?

o The 7 core principles of gold-getting that you must know.
o The most important item that your character can have.
o The most effective strategy for grinding motes that pays off handsomely.
o 12 full pages with my personal strategy and detailed step-by-step route to make more than 100g in 30 minutes runs with an instance.
o How to list an item for 50g, in order to sell it for 100g, or 150g or even more…
o The 7 most important principles you need to know for using the Auction House effectively.
o The 8 most important herbs that you can gather.
o How to make grinding fun. Grinding can get very boring, but using my tips, you will do more in less time.


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