Just as the eyes are the windows of the soul, the lens of a digital camera is your window to capturing beautiful things around you. The lens serves as the eye of a camera and with it, you are able to take pictures of people, things, places that you’d like to keep a memory of. It’s a vital component of any camera, whether the traditional or digital and should be well taken care of.

The lens can make a big difference in terms of optical quality. When not of top quality, it can make your pictures not very attractive to look at.

The lens is made up of elements that help guide the direction of light rays in order to recreate the image in a very accurate manner on the digital sensor.

Focal length is also important when choosing your sony lenses cheap digital camera lens. This feature determines the degree at which a subject will be magnified. This leads us to the essence of understanding the difference between the wide angle and the telephoto lenses. The main difference between the two is that the wide angle lenses have smaller focal points while the telephoto lenses have bigger focal lengths. So if you’re taking a photo of a hallway with an open door at the end, a wide angle lens will create a small image of the door which appears to be farther while a telephoto lens will make the door appear nearer.

In addition, lens with longer focal lengths need shorter exposure. This is helpful in preventing the blurring of your images resulting from shaky hands. And this means that digital cameras with longer focal lengths are ideal for people who own handheld cameras and who don’t have a steady hand.

Basically, people planning to buy digital cameras have a choice between the zoom lens and prime or fixed lens. A zoom lens allows an individual to change the focal length within a certain range. So for instance, by standing in just a single position, you can already take two different angles of your subject – one that shows him or her in a distance and one showing him or her in a closer shot. In other words, you can change the composition or perspective of your subject.

A prime or fixed lens, on the other hand, does not allow you to vary the focal length. As its name suggests, it is fixed and this means that it is you who should adjust your position in order to get the best perspective. But its main advantages are in terms of cost, weight and speed. Did you know that a less costly prime lens is still capable of giving you good picture quality and even greater ability to gather light compared to the fast zoom lenses? What this means that even though many people associate the zoom lenses to quality photos, the prime or fixed lens can still give the same advantage.


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