There might be an eavesdropping device planted in your private room to record your every move, but you might not have any idea about its location. A bug detector can certainly give you a sense of relief, if this is so. Bugging devices are getting smaller by the day and detecting them without the help of bugging detectors can prove to be an uphill task. The detectors operate by picking up radio frequencies that the eavesdropping devices emit. Some bug detection devices can also locate bugs that are turned off, and that can be very essential. The detecting devices can be bought from some electronic stores, or specialty stores, or can be ordered online over the net.

How to use the bug detector

1. Make sure that the detector that you purchase detects hidden bugs in both on and off mode, because there are devices that do not detect bugs that are turned off. This is important if a thorough search is needed.

2. Go through the instructions very carefully before activating the detector. Understanding the functioning of the device is very important, and you also need to check the DOs and DON’Ts list.

3. Conduct a physical sweep of the area and keep all the toys and other stuff that you feel can have a camera hidden in them aside. This will help you save time when looking for hidden bugs.

4. Then put in new batteries in the bugging detectors so that you do not run out power once you start sweeping the room for potential bugs.

5. Make sure that all the electronic devices in the room are turned off. The bug detection device may pick up frequencies from such appliances and that Electronic Bug Detector can lead to confusion. Switch off your cell phone and even your wireless internet router.

6. Take the bug detector around the room from a certain point. Be alert for any beep or flash or both from the detector. If there is any such thing happening get closer to that area. The beeps or flashes from the bugging detectors get more intense as you approach the area where the bug is hidden. If you find the bug there, then take it out and dismantle it right there.

7. You can also hire a professional bug detection firm to help you find out bugs in your most sensitive room. Such professional firms have technologically advanced bug detectors to help you locate any sort of bugging device.

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