Change the World in 6 Simple Steps!

6 Simple Steps To Changing the WORLD!

OK. Our planet is going through some changes… man made CHANGES-AND IT AIN’T PRETTY!

Can you believe-7 billion people only have one percent clean drinking water left on the planet? That can’t be good? Without water, life will not exist… period. World governments aren’t taking this issue seriously. Don’t you find the lack of concern for clean water a bit odd? It’s a human right to have clean water.

Since the beginning of time, humans seem to love war? Over the last decade, the US has spent over $5 trillion dollars on both Iraq and Afghanistan wars-funded by you and me, the tax payers. Lest not forget, we the people were against these wars. It’s a human right to be at peace.

It’s simply unimaginable to me that-seventy percent of all foods are contaminated with GMOs, GE and deadly chemicals-like arsenic, mercury, aspartame, etc. As you can see, the FDA is focused on approving products that are scientifically proven to kill human beings. Think about it? Why would the FDA approve cigarettes and allow companies to lie about a product that kills people? Every year, cigarettes kill over 5 million people worldwide. It’s a human right to be healthy.

Let’s get serious; the world almost fell off the financial cliff-because of the archaic Federal Reserve Banks & corrupt politicians.. Literally, banks are largely unregulated and have government support to steal.

Ask me why President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated? Go on, ask me? He signed an Executive Order 11,110 to close the Federal Reserve Bank-which is privately owned Rothschild Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank is not government owned or operated agency-a small group of powerful white men control the flow of currency by loaning money to our government, not we the people. After, JFK signed bill 11,110, he was assassinated, LBJ took office an immediately reversed the bill. If JFK’s bill went through-we wouldn’t be in debt today. Makes you wonder why subsequent presidents haven’t enforced the closure of a privately held Federal Reserve Bank?

Let’s get back to legalized theft–Credit card debit use to be the largest income source for banks, not anymore. Forget credit cards–higher education or student loans-are the most profitable banking products in history. Imagine, millions of students going to college annually and owing $50,000 to $150,000 each. Since the 80s, college tuition has increased by 587%. Now, that’s legalized theft! Banks are legalized white collar crime and it started with the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Bank.

When I went to college in the 80s, my tuition was $3500 annually. I owed $12,000 when I graduated. Now, the average student loan is $40,000 to $150,000. All I can say is -it’s good to be a college or bank! This is why I don’t like banks.

Where are all the jobs? Tens of millions of people are unemployed and homeless. Why? Because of a brilliant new concept called In-sourcing-which is the new outsourcing? What? Yep. In- sourcing is the new normal; this means sending good jobs to prisoners and paying them pennies on the dollar and charging them room and board. This is why we spend trillions for the war on drugs… mostly harmless marijuana. Two thirds of all prisoners are in jail for non-violent drug crimes and mental illness. Only, 3500 plus prisoners are on death row. So, millions of people are disenfranchised because of archaic drug laws and corporate interest and high profits. Today World Info

Millions of American jobs are sourced to our industrial prison complex and the prisoners make about twenty-four cents an hour. This new emerging work force is cheaper than outsourcing to China or other countries. Lest not forget, there are millions of jobs, free healthcare and free education-unfortunately, you will have to go to prison to find these amazing opportunities.

As a perpetual optimist and Grider (living off the grid), I know collectively we can quickly change our personal circumstance and the world. After much analysis, here are my six simple steps that could change everything in an instant!

6 Steps to Changing the World in an INSTANT:

1. Irrational consumerism is so passé! Why not save 70% of your income by bartering & gifting for goods and services? I love to barter & gift: services, housing, food, clothing, cars, furniture and the list are endless. At you can easily barter for free housing, food and a car worldwide! Oh, if you gift your service… no need for income taxes.

2. DROP-KICK BANKS FOREVER! I hate banks! Why? Banks only benefit banks and historically they oppressed people of color and women. For ever dollar you deposit in a bank-the banks create ten dollars. Personally, I don’t see the need for banks. There goal is to make money off your money by charging you interest? Banks, allow the government to control and track your money. Banks aren’t regulated–allowing them to steal billions from the public-without consequences. I recommend buying and insuring appreciable assets only! (Real estate, art, collectibles, businesses, etc… ) I recommend keeping a small savings account and invest the rest.

3. How to immediately Eliminate GMOs, GEs & Deadly Chemicals from your Food? STOP, STOP, STOP… buying food from ALL SUPERMARKETS, even Wholefoods. Only consume foods from small local markets or small organic farmers! Our current food industry is literally killing all living things! The number one killer of people is obesity and starvation from lack of nutrients in processed and GMO foods. The three major causes of death are: Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes-all preventable and caused by unhealthy foods. Visit, and download a shopping list to perfect health.


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