Who needs ads? Well, if you’re trying to get the word out about your business, products and services, you need to advertise. How else do you get the word out? Well, you could try word of mouth and that’s probable the cheapest form of advertising.

Getting more people to know about your  post free classified ads business, your products and services is just a basic goal of advertising. There are some methods, that are more expensive that others. If you could expose your business to 1 million people in about an hour; there is great value in this method and those agencies providing this service, realize and take full advantage of the value. When there exists a method to expose your business to thousands or millions in a matter of seconds, it will be expensive. Other methods do exist, for small businesses to announce and expose their business, products and services to the masses and they are much less expensive.

For those small businesses just starting out, there are other methods of getting the word out that’s affordable and just as effective. Where can you find such places? Its all on the internet. You many not be able to reach millions in a matter of seconds, but you can get some steady results in the form of inbound links. Remember, the purpose of advertising is:

These are just some of the reasons or purposes to advertise. It can be as expensive as you are wiling to pay or you could resort to other creative methods in advertising. Many small business turn to the Internet. After all, if you have a business, that’s where you need to be. Advertising on another business owners website, can expose your business to new customers. It may take that 1 customer, who will spread the word about your business and that 1 customer needs to be found.

Pixel advertising is something new to many people, but its been around for while. Is it effective? If the site generates a lot of traffic and the ad is strategically placed on the site…yes? Pixel advertising allows the advertiser to place ads in premium locations on the first page of the ad site. When visitors come to the main page of these sites, they are greeted with a colorful page of advertisements. Traffic is driven to such site but other advertising methods such as, blog ads and ads on social networks. The ad pages are interesting In appearance and visitors are interested in clicking on the advertisement or pictures that represent your ad. Many of these ads cost 99 cents per pixel.

Whats important to remember is placing ads on sites like these creates back links or inbound links to your website. Whys is this important? You can see where your site traffic comes from, you can see the pages your visitors look at and its good for page ranking. Advertising does not have to b expensive, but it should be effective.


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